Lodge Members

A listing of current fraternal order of police members. Click the PD title for expanded view and the police patch for their website.
Photo of Berwick Police Department
Berwick Police Department Contact: Chief Kenneth Strish
1800 North Market Street Berwick, PA 18603 Work Phone: 570-752-3677 Work Fax: 570-752-2696
Photo of Briar Creek Police Department
Briar Creek Police Department Contact: Chief Thomas Frace
150 Municipal Road Berwick, PA 18603 Work Phone: 570-759-0354 Work Fax: 570-759-2029
Photo of Buffalo Valley Regional Police
Buffalo Valley Regional Police Contact: Chief Paul Yost
1610 Industrial Boulevard Suite 500 Lewisburg, PA 17837 Work Phone: 570-524-4302 Work Fax: 570-524-4128
Photo of Catawissa Borough Police Department
Catawissa Borough Police Department Contact: Chief Joshua Laidacker
118 North Third Street Catawissa, PA 17820 Work Phone: Office: 570-356-7102 Work Phone: Columbia County Dispatch: 570-784-6300 Work Fax: Fax: 570-356-7855
Photo of Danville Police Department
Danville Police Department Contact: Chief Eric Gill
235 Mill Street Danville, PA 17821 Work Phone: 570-275-2101 Work Fax: 570-275-5769
Photo of Duboistown Police Department
Duboistown Police Department Contact: Chief Norman Hager
2651 Euclid Avenue Duboistown, PA 17702 Work Phone: 570-322-6132 Work Fax: 570-323-2496
No Photo Available
Hemlock Township Police Department Contact: Chief Michael VanDine
26 Firehall Road Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Work Phone: 570-784-6543 Work Fax: 570-784-6587
No Photo Available
Lock Haven Police Department Contact: Chief Kristin Smith
20 East Church Street Lock Haven, PA 17745 Work Phone: 570-893-5900
No Photo Available
Mahoning Township Police Department Contact: Chief Dyroff
1101 Bloom Road Danville, PA 17821 Work Phone: 570-275-5611 Work Fax: 570-271-3107
Photo of Mifflinburg Police Department
Mifflinburg Police Department Contact: Chief Mark Bailey
120 North Third Street Mifflinburg, PA 17844 Work Phone: 570-966-1027 Work Fax: 570-966-7103
Photo of Millville Borough PD
Millville Borough PD Contact: Chief Jonathan Yaskiewicz
136 Morehead Ave. PO Box 30 Millville, PA 17846 Work Phone: 570-458-5661
Photo of Milton Borough Police Department
Milton Borough Police Department Contact: Chief Curt Zettlemoyer
1 Filbert St. Milton, PA 17847 Work Phone: 570-742-8757 Work Phone: Dispatch: 570-523-1113 Work Fax: 570-742-2325
Photo of Montgomery Borough Police Department
Montgomery Borough Police Department Contact: Chief Ernest Delp III
35 S.Main St Montgomery, PA 17752 Work Phone: 570-547-1672 Work Fax: 570-547-2150
Photo of Montoursville Police Department
Montoursville Police Department Contact: Chief Jeffrey Gyurina
617 N. Loyalsock Ave. Montoursville, PA 17756 Work Phone: 570-368-2488
Photo of Muncy Boro Police Department
Muncy Boro Police Department Contact: Chief James Dorman
14 N. Washington St. Muncy, PA 17756 Work Phone: 570-546-3952 ext. 103 & 104 Work Fax: 570-546-8385
Photo of Northumberland Police Department
Northumberland Police Department Contact: Chief CL Kriner
175 Orange Street Northumberland, PA 17857 Work Phone: 570-473-8446 Work Fax: 570-473-2981
Photo of Old Lycoming Police Department
Old Lycoming Police Department Contact: Chief Joseph Hope
1951 Green Ave. Williamsport, PA 17701 Work Phone: 570-433-3166 Work Phone: 570-323-4987
No Photo Available
Pine Creek Township Police Department Contact: Chief David Winkleman
23 Municipal Drive Avis, PA 17721 Work Phone: 570-753-5672
Photo of Revono Township Police Department
Revono Township Police Department Contact: Corporal Jeffries
128 Fifth Street Renovo,, PA 17764 Work Phone: 570-263-2131 Work Fax: 570-923-1577
Photo of Riverside Borough Police
Riverside Borough Police Contact: Chief Kerry Parkes
301 Dewart St. Riverside, PA 17868 Work Phone: 570-275-4306 Work Fax: 570-275-4034
Photo of Scott Twp. Police Department
Scott Twp. Police Department Contact: Chief Raymond Klingler
2697 Columbia Blvd. Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Work Phone: 570-387-1929
Photo of Selinsgrove Police Department
Selinsgrove Police Department Contact: Chief Thomas Garlock
100 West Pine Street Selinsgrove, PA 17870 Work Phone: 570-374-8655 Work Fax: 570-374-8751
Photo of Shamokin Dam Police Department
Shamokin Dam Police Department Contact: Chief Timothy Bremigen
42 W. 8th Ave. Shamokin Dam, PA 17876 Work Phone: 570-743-2671 ext 307
Photo of South Centre Twp. Police Department
South Centre Twp. Police Department Contact: Chief William Richendrfer, Jr.
6260 4th Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Work Phone: 570-784-8552 Work Fax: 570-784-5819
No Photo Available
South Williamsport Police Department Contact: Officer Norman Hager, OIC
331 West Southern Avenue South Williamsport, PA 17702 Work Phone: 570-327-8152
Photo of Sunbury Police Department
Sunbury Police Department Contact: Chief Bradley Hare
440 Market Street Sunbury, PA 17801 Work Phone: 570-286-4585 Work Fax: 570-286-6558
Photo of Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department
Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department Contact: Chief DeRemer
129 South Pennsylvania Avenue Jersey Shore, PA 17740 Work Phone: 570-398-2146 Work Fax: 570-398-3470
Photo of Watsontown Police Department
Watsontown Police Department Contact: Chief Rodney Witherite
318 Main Street PO Box 14 Watsontown, PA 17777 Work Phone: 570-538-2773 Work Fax: 570-538-3083